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Google Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most asked questions.

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What is Google Adwords?

Google Ads is an advertising website platform that allows advertisers to display ads within their website and 3rd party affiliated publisher.

Google AdWords can display a multitude of different types of ads such as Text ads, Image ads, and YouTube ads.

What is an Advertisers & Publisher?

Advertiser: An advertiser is someone who wants to show ads on Google and Publisher sites with the intentions of getting people their own website.

Publisher: Publishers are people who allow ads to show up on their own website. For displaying ads on their website they get a small percentage of commission every-time an ad is seen and/or clicked.

What are Keywords and Queries ?

Queries: Queries are phrases that are typed into the search engines such as: How To Rank Higher on Google

Keywords: Commonly mistaken as queries are the most important part of the query, in this instance: Rank Higher on Google

What are the Keyword Types?

There are 4 keyword types, although most people say there are 3. To better illustrate, we will use the keyword “Best Watches For Men”


  1. BroadBest Watches For Men – This type is called broad because Google can show your ads for any of those words, watches, men, etc.
  2. Phrase“Best Watches For Men” – Phrase is done within ” “, and tells Google that only searches that contain exactly that and anything before or/and after the quotes can show your ad.
  3. Exact [Best Watches For Men] – Exact means that only searches that contain exactly what’s in the brackets will show your ads. Your ads will not show for anything else.
  4. BMM+Best +Watches +Men – BMM or Broad Match Modified – tells google that everything that has a plus must be present to show your ad, but anything else can be in the middle, behind, or after, just as long as the plus words are present when a search is done.
What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are words that you do not want your ads to show for.

For example, if you run a hotel business and are doing ads for, you may not want to show up when someone searches for Bed Bugs, therefore, you add the negative keyword with a minus sign -“Bed Bugs” and your ads will not show up when someone searches the name of your hotel along with bed bugs.

Searching For My Ads & Products every day

Searching for your ads everyday is not a good thing.

Yes, we are humans and want to make sure that we are getting what we are paying for, we want to make sure they are showing up, but searching for your ads actually causes more harm than good.

Several Things Can Happen:

  • Google can see that you are searching every day and never clicking, so Google might think that what you are looking for is not on that page and banning you from seeing that ad.
  • Searching and not clicking can harm and lower the CTR (click though rate) , because there will be a lot of impressions but low clicks. This can ultimately hurt your quality score and increase the CPC (cost per click).
How much does AdWords Cost?

The answer to this question is like asking “How much do Potato Chips cost?”

It depends on what brand of chips (Industry), where they are being sold (city, state, tax %), and many other factors.

Now that I have placed that in your mind, AdWords works with Keywords and depending on the keywords for your particular industry, how much competition there is, how well the set-up is and many other factors, it can vary.

 For a more in-depth explanation of how much AdWords costs, here is an explanation by WordStream.


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